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We undertake annual maintenance contract after expiry of warranty period for our own make products as well as other make products.

There are two types of maintenance contract we undertake like comprehensive & non-comprehensive.

In case of comprehensive contract we make sure there should be at least one preventive maintenance visit in every quarter apart from unlimited no of break-down calls if required. Here spare charges (pre-defined) as well as engineer’s visit charges are absolutely free of cost. Also in case of severe break downs wherein product can’t be repaired at site we give standby so that customer’s application can be run uninterruptedly till the time we repair the existing product.

In case of non-comprehensive contracts also we make sure there should be at least four preventive maintenance visits in a year apart from unlimited break-down calls. Here spare charges are charged extra at actual.

Health check-up

In the warranty period we do provide this kind of service to our esteem clients on regular basis.

After the installation we constantly take feedback from customers about the performance of the product supplied.

After 3-4 months of installation we take shut-downs from customers & send our service team to check the health of products. Our team checks all the desired parameters of products.

By doing this we ensure that customer’s investment is thoroughly protected.

UPS Sizing

In this age of cutting edge technology it is utmost important to have proper sizing of UPS for your power protection needs. It is often seen improper sizing of UPS leads to recurring break-down calls which affects the productivity of the organisation.

It is also seen due to ignorance of customers they tend to buy a huge capacity of UPS which is not required at all.

We, Team Technovision make a consistent effort to help customers make a proper sizing of UPS. Whenever a customer needs back-up solution we deploy our technical team to the actual site & understand their load requirements. Apart from this we also study the site conditions like input supply parameters, load shedding timings etc. We educate customers about the studied parameters so that he can derive a best solution for his investments.

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