Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer

(1Ph-1Ph) 1 KVA to 30 KVA
(3Ph-3Ph) 10 KVA to 1200 KVA

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Isolation transformer


  • Isolates impurities on LV side of grid power
  • Delta-Star Step-down and Step-up options
  • Clean Power against surges and electrical Noise
  • Eliminates Earthling Problems
  • Error free data in Process Control Instruments
  • Safety from electric shock
  • Tap options can be customized on I/p or O/p side


  • Critical Machines with delicate control circuits
  • Communication Equipments
  • CNC and other tooling machines
  • Plastic Molding machines
  • Medical Equipments
  • Audio & Video recording systems
  • Process control instruments


  • Protection against Spikes and electrical noise
  • Accurate feedback signals
  • Earthing benefits
  • Provides Clean power

Technical Specifications

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